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Vortexmundus® reintroduces itself to the world as a driving force of change, where data transforms into operational solutions. We gather information from various sources, analyze it accurately, and present a clear overview to decision-makers.

Board and Executive


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Technical | R&D


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Technical | Management


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Comercial | Administrative


Our studies are not just theoretical; they are tangible results that empower companies to save resources, mitigate risks, and ultimately drive profits.

In particular, our expertise in wave and current forecasting is fueled by meticulous data analysis, considering the complexity and variability of the marine environment. Vortexmundus® not only anticipates challenges but also provides effective solutions, shaped by a deep understanding of natural patterns and their drivers.

Moreover, our respectful approach to nature as an endless source of learning defines our commitment to sustainability. Through a continuous learning cycle, we develop solutions that harmonize operational efficiency with environmental preservation.

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