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The sea is

We use Data Intelligence to operational decision-making in Oil & Gas, Renewables, and the Port Sector.

Vortexmundus® aligns its activities with the priorities of the sector.

Offshore operations can face adverse weather conditions, resulting in long periods of waiting.

It is crucial to accurately estimate the expected downtime due to unfavorable weather conditions for efficient cost estimation and safer offshore operations.

Working at the operational limit, with little knowledge about environmental conditions, is an extremely high-risk factor that frequently contributes to loss of operability and extended waiting on weather.


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By receiving accurate weather forecasts and real-time information, companies can make more informed decisions to ensure the safety of their personnel and operations

Risk and Disruption Minimization:

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Cost, time, and resource savings, maximizing operational performance through advanced planning with effective risk management. Decreased waiting time for ships due to weather conditions and increased safe operating time at sea.

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Operational Efficiency:

Identification, assessment, and mitigation of metoceanic risks. By anticipating events and implementing appropriate strategies, companies can minimize disruptions in operations and reduce negative impacts.

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Mitigation of Environmental Impact:

Conducting studies, data analysis, and correctly interpreting metoceanic information allows companies to operate in harmony with the environmental context, mitigating the occurrence of major accidents and minimizing the environmental impact of sector activities.

Support for Strategic Decision-Making:

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The availability of qualified information supports strategic decision-making and enhances maritime operations planning.

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We are proud of these numbers.


Years of Operation


Countries in Operation




Comprehensive Monitoring


Customer Retention


Reliability and cost reduction. Safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations, with the ability to anticipate and proactively respond to challenges imposed by specific metocean conditions in the maritime/offshore sector.

Vortexmundus® provides results through a user-friendly interface, enabling clients to plan and conduct daily operations, thereby increasing efficiency, profitability, and maritime safety.

Our partners

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The sea is our home.

Our goal is to transcend boundaries by implementing solutions that not only optimize operations but also minimize environmental impacts.

More efficient operations reduce fuel consumption, resulting in cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

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